3 December 2018 | Uncategorized

Michelin Cup for privateers to play pivotal role in 2019 TCR Australia

Official control tyre supplier Michelin is putting its name behind a new privateer trophy for the inaugural TCR Australia Series next year.

Privateer racers will compete for the Michelin Cup – as part of the much-anticipated 2019 TCR Australia Series.

Series organisers will assess the driving credentials of all entrants upon application, where it will be determined if the driver is regarded as a ‘Professional’ or a ‘Privateer.’

While competing for the Michelin Cup will add to the talking points of the class, all entrants will compete under the same points structure.

TCR Australia has received wide spread interest in the new-to-Australia category after its successful media and competitors launch day at Sydney Motorsport Park last week.

Amongst a raft of familiar faces in the Sydney pit lane, there were some key announcements made, including the official tyre supplier (Michelin), preliminary race formats (three sprint races per weekend) and a limit on the amount of entries for 2019 (slated at 20 cars maximum for the first year)

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The opening round of the 2019 TCR Australia Series will be held at Sydney Motorsport Park on May 17-19, 2019.


Matt Braid
Director, Australian Racing Group

“The TCR formula is designed to encourage the best race drivers to compete in a cost-effective, even and competitive field,” said Matt Braid.

“Touring Car racing is cut-throat – the cream rises to the top – but we understand that for some, racing cars comes second to business pressures and lifestyle choices. 

“So along with our great tyre partner Michelin, we are encouraging racers of all types, whether they are professionals or private concerns, to have the chance to compete at the level that they choose.

“There will not be a separate championship or points scoring structure, simply reward for those who are not considered as professional in the competitive world of motorsport.

“We’ve enjoyed some great feedback since we officially launched the series last week, and it was apparent that for our first year, we are going to attract a wide variety of drivers, and Michelin was also very supportive of this, so were are pleased to have the Michelin Cup as a part of TCR Australia in 2019.”

Swaroop Tulsidas
Marketing Manager, Michelin Australia

“As the preferred tyre supplier of TCR Australia, we are thrilled to be part of the Michelin Cup as part of our belief in the series for 2019 and beyond,” said

“Michelin’s increased promotion of Australian motorsport, not only reaffirms our commitment to nurturing future talent at all levels, but strategically providing a pathway to the highest level of competition through each of the local categories we support.”