14 December 2018 | News

Fourth Hyundai i30 N confirmed for TCR Australia

GWR Australia, in partnership with Platinum Motorsport, has secured a Hyundai i30 N TCR car and will compete in all seven rounds of the inaugural TCR Australia Series next year.

Garth Walden, a former Supercars Championship driver and now national-level motorsport team owner, has confirmed that his team will field one of the dynamic Hyundai racers, to be based in its Sydney workshop.

The team is also keen on securing a second car too, however, will wait on interest and feedback from potential drivers before making the commitment on the second car.

At this stage, no driver has been confirmed for the first car.

The GWR Hyundai will be the fourth Hyundai i30 N to arrive in Australia through HMO Customer Racing. The HMO team has already confirmed that it has secured three of the potent 2 litre turbocharged rockets for its own team.

HMO has already received one of its vehicles which was involved in the TCR Australia media and competitors day at Sydney Motorsport Park in November.

At that day, Walden drove the Hyundai and was impressed with its speed and usability.

The next two i30 Ns will arrive in Australia in January, while the GWR car is set to arrive in early February.

The opening round of the 2019 TCR Australia Series will kick off at Sydney Motorsport Park on May 17-19.

Garth Walden
Owner, GWR Australia

“We’ve ordered the car, we have specified what we want and we will be ready to go for 2019,” said Garth Walden.

“The aim is to have the car heading to us via sea freight this year, which would mean we’d have the car by February.

“We’re committed to all seven rounds. Who will drive it is yet too be confirmed, so we might lease it to one driver for the whole season or have multiple drivers in it over the course of the year.

“We have only confirmed one car at this point, but the aim will to definitely run multiple cars. Now that word is getting out that we are getting into TCR Australia, the interest has been really strong. We’d hope to start the season with two cars, but we’re certainly starting with one.

“After the media day last month, it was clear to us that this was a category that our team needed to be involved in. The input and interest from everyone has been really high. There were lots of drivers and teams there, and after driving the car, I think its going to be a really great category.

“I got the chance to drive the Hyundai, and it was a great experience. The grip level is high, brake level high, they look cool too. You only have to look at the success of the championships around the world to know that this is going to be really well suited to Australian motorsport.”

Barry Morcom
Director, HMO Customer Racing

“We’re pleased to have sold our first customer car to GWR Australia,” said Barry Morcom.

“We’ve got our three cars set for next year, and for our team, it’s now about getting more customer cars involved and servicing them through parts and components.

“I’ve been friends with Garth for many years, and he will run a really solid outfit. He has been successful at many other championships all over Australia, so I have no doubt that Garth and his team will find success in TCR.”