24 January 2019 | News

GRM joins TCR Australia fray with Alfa Romeo

Garry Rogers Motorsport is the latest high-profile motorsport team to commit to the TCR Australia Series, securing two brand-new Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloces for the inaugural series.

The Victorian-based team, famous for its long-standing involvement with multiple car manufacturers in Australian motorsport, will take delivery of two 2019-specification Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloces for the new series.

Built by Italian team Romeo Ferraris, the two Alfa Romeos are currently under construction at the team’s race shop in Milan, Italy.

The cars will be 2019-specification, with Romeo Ferraris currently completing the homologation of the brand-new Giulietta Veloces vehicles that will be used in the World TCR Championship.

The deal means that GRM will become one of the first race teams in the world to secure the latest-generation Alfa TCR vehicles.

This is not the first time that GRM will have raced Alfa Romeos on Australian soil either. GRM entered an Alfa Romeo 155 in the 1995 Australian Super Touring Championship – the team’s first season in the touring car racing.

Confirmation that GRM will compete in the TCR Australia Series will make for a busy year for the team, adding to its Supercars Championship program and its build and construction commitment to the all-new Australian S5000 Championship that is also set to kick off this year.

GRM’s Alfa Romeos are expected to arrive in Australia in the coming months well ahead of the opening round of the 2019 TCR Australia Series that will begin at Sydney Motorsport Park on May 17-19.

Barry Rogers
Garry Rogers Motorsport

“We have been looking with interest in the TCR Series from a far, at both the local and international competition, and we have been really impressed,” said Barry Rogers.

“We are in the motorsport business, and we will consider anything where we feel there is value for our business and the sport as a whole, and there’s no doubt that TCR competition is a cost-effective way to compete, which is why we have decided to secure two Alfa Romeos for the 2019 season in Australia.

“Obviously, GRM is heavily invested in Supercars and that remains our primary focus, however, 

like our involvement in S5000, we have seen a new market and we are very keen to be involved.

“Myself and our head engineer Richard Hollway went to Europe to visit a number of TCR manufacturers, and we were particularly impressed with the Romeo Ferraris team. The way they are in business is very similar to us – family run business, strong ties with car makers and we were impressed by their enthusiasm.

“We’ve formed a collaboration where we will help group the Alfa Romeo brand in the Asia Pacific region, and having the brand-new Guilette Veloce at our disposal is perfect timing too. We’ll have the latest-spec car that will be competitive and unique.

“It won’t be the first time that GRM has raced Alfa Romeos in Australia too. We raced a Alfa Romeo 155 in the 1995 Australian Super Touring Championship for Steven Richards, so there’s something romantic about us having done this deal with Romeo Ferraris to secure the two Alfas. That was our first year in the championship with Steven Richards and it was a great car.”

Matt Braid
Director, Australian Racing Group

“Alfa Romeo is a prestigious, global brand, with a great racing heritage and it’s fantastic to welcome them into the inaugural TCR Australia Series,” said Matt Braid.

“It’s really pleasing to add another great manufacturer to the TCR Australia grid with Alfa Romeo joining Audi, Volkswagen, Hyundai and Honda who are already represented.

“Having a team of the calibre of Garry Rogers Motorsport is a great endorsement for the category. GRM is one of the best motorsport operations in Australia and I know they will put together a formidable TCR program.

“Momentum for the category is in full swing now and we are looking forward to a raft of exciting announcements in the coming weeks.”