18 May 2019 | Featured

D’Alberto scores first-ever carsales TCR Australia pole position

Tony D’Alberto and Honda have scored the first-ever Astrontech pole position in the carsales TCR Australia Series at Sydney Motorsport Park this morning.

The Victoria wheeled his Civic Type R TCR machine to the top spot with a blistering lap time of 1m34.1437s, scoring the $1000 from Astrontech and collecting two championship points.

D’Alberto edged out Volkswagen driver Jason Bright on his final lap to claim the top spot.

“A lot of work has gone into this effort behind the scenes, for everybody involved in the team to have that pace straight out of the gate,” said D’Alberto.

“To get the first ever Carsales TCR Australia pole is a bit unexpected. We had a bit of work to do after practice yesterday, and I had to tighten the belts and have a go through Turn 1 to find the time I needed.

“I’m really happy for the team at Wall Racing and Honda Australia, and everyone involved in our campaign.”

Bright put down his fastest lap with five minutes remaining, moments before a red flag was waved for the stranded Renault of James Moffat.

Starting third will be Dylan O’Keeffe in the Ashley Seward Motorsport-prepared Alfa Romeo, ahead of a pair of Hyundais in Will Brown and Michael Almond.

Rounding out the top 10 is D’Alberto’s Honda team-mate John Martin, Nathan Morcom (Hyundai), Rik Breukers (Audi), Andre Heimgartner (Subaru) and Jimmy Vernon (Alfa Romeo).


1   50  Wall Racing                    Tony D’Alberto (VIC)   Honda Civic Type R   1:34.1437
2    8  Taskforce / Alliance Autosport Jason Bright (VIC)     Volkswagen Golf GTI  1:34.2948 0:00.1511
3    9  Ashley Seward Motorsport       Dylan O’Keeffe (VIC)   Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1:34.4014 0:00.2577
4   30  HMO Customer Racing            Will Brown (QLD)       Hyundai I30N         1:34.6301 0:00.4864
5   29  Astron Tech / Garth Walden Racing Michael Almond (SA)    Hyundai I30N         1:34.7151 0:00.5714
6   24  Wall Racing                    John Martin (NSW)      Honda Civic Type R   1:34.7249 0:00.5812
7   11  HMO Customer Racing            Nathan Morcom (NSW)    Hyundai I30N         1:34.7488 0:00.6051
8   22  TCR SPA 500 / Melbourne Performance Rik Breukers (NED)     Audi RS 3            1:34.8571 0:00.7134
9  777  Kelly Racing                   Andre Heimgartner (NZ) Subaru WRX STI       1:35.0107 0:00.8670
10   7  Garry Rogers Motorsport        Jimmy Vernon (NSW)     Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1:35.3176 0:01.1739
11   2  Melbourne Performance          Aaron Cameron (VIC)    Volkswagen Golf GTI  1:35.4349 0:01.2912
12  34  Garry Rogers Motorsport        James Moffat (VIC)     Renault Magane RS    1:35.9180 0:01.7743
13  33  Garry Rogers Motorsport        Chris Pither (NZ)      Renault Magane RS    1:35.9849 0:01.8412
14  62  Kelly Racing                   Alex Rullo (WA)        Holden Astra         1:36.0682 0:01.9245
15  37  Kelly Racing                   Chelsea Angelo (VIC)   Holden Astra         1:37.3596 0:03.2159
16   6  Kelly Racing                   Molly Taylor (NSW)     Subaru WRX STI       1:37.4570 0:03.3133
17  35  Alliance Autosport             Alexandra Whitley (QLD) Volkswagen Golf GTI   1:37.7959  0:03.6522