29 May 2019 | Featured

James Moffat hails Michelin tyre as TCR’s competitive edge

James Moffat says that the Michelin tyre is one of the key aspects to making the TCR Series cars a blast to drive.

Each TCR Series around the world has the option to chose its own control tyre brand. TCR Australia selected the Michelin S9H – a hard compound designed for durability and speed.

Moffat, driver of one of Garry Rogers Motorsport’s Renault Meganes, says that the Michelin offers the right amount of grip to keep the cars fast through the corners.

“The cars are great to drive, and the Michelin tyre that were on offer a lot of grip,” said Moffat.

“The corner speeds that we’re able to achieve, especially on the entry to mid phase of the corner is very impressive.

“There is some different driving technique required with these cars, especially on the exit of the corner being front wheel drive and turbo charged. The way it delivers its power and a few other things is different to what I’m used to.

“I’ve had to make a few changes to the way I drive, but overall, I’m really impressed. I feel like I’m working hard, but that’s all a part of it.”

Round 2 of the carsales TCR Australia Series will be held at Phillip Island next weekend. CLICK HERE to secure your tickets to Phillip Island’s TCR Australia debut.

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