5 December 2019 | Featured

Renault Australia commits to Garry Rogers Motorsport for 2020 TCR Australia Series

Renault Australia has become the first manufacturer to commit to the 2020 TCR Australia Series announcing its sponsorship of Garry Rogers Motorsport (GRM) for the season.

The sponsorship agreement comes after Renault Australia joined forced with GRM mid-way through the 2019 season, with the Renault Megane R.S. TCR of James Moffat carrying the Renault Sport livery for the remainder of the year.

The sponsorship will see the GRM Renault Megane R.S. cars run under the new team name Renault Sport GRM.

Renault, through its Renault Sport brand, will continue to dominate the livery on Moffat’s Megane R.S. in 2020 with the Renault branding to be carried through each team entry. 

“We are proud to announce our partnership with Garry Rogers Motorsport for the 2020 TCR Australia Series, and can’t wait to see the Renault Megane R.S. competing at the top end of the field in 2020,” Anouk Poelmann, Renault Australia Managing Director said.

In recent years Renault Australia has consolidated its partnership portfolio to put more investment into motorsport, to strengthen the connection to the brand’s true racing spirit.

The sponsorship deal between Renault Australia and Garry Rogers Motorsport will also see the team receive parts support and Renault Light Commercial Vehicles throughout the year.

“The partnership with Garry Rogers Motorsport provides Renault Australia the ability to extend our motorsport association in Australia beyond Formula 1 and strengthens the connection between Renault’s racing heritage and our Renault Megane road vehicles,” Felix Boulin, Renault Australia Marketing Director said.

“Throughout the 2019 season Garry, Barry and the entire team at Garry Rogers Motorsport went above and beyond supporting us, and our customers and fans, and have proven to be extremely valuable ambassadors for the Renault brand in Australia” Boulin continued.

“The performance of Garry Rogers Motorsport to date highlights the genuine racing pedigree of both the Megane R.S. and the team and as they continue to develop the cars we can’t wait to see what they do on track in 2020,” he said. 

Garry Rogers Motorsport will run two Renault Megane R.S. entries in the TCR Australia series in 2020 and with a third car currently on its way to Australia the team could be one of the largest on the grid.

“To have the backing of Renault Australia is something that provides GRM with tremendous confidence and belief,” Barry Rogers, Garry Rogers Motorsport said.

“Renault is a brand with unmatched Motorsport history being one of a very select group who have participated in Formula 1, World Rallying, Formula E and now the most relevant form of touring car racing in the world for manufacturers, TCR,” he continued.

“As a family owned race team that was established by my Dad, Garry in 1963 we have tremendous pride in representing Renault Australia, the Renault dealer network and most importantly Renault owners as we travel the country racing our Renault Megane R.S.”

“TCR is the globe’s fastest growing Motorsport category which now has 36 Championships worldwide including the FIA World Touring Car Championship. Considering that TCR’s single European Championship was in 2015, this growth illustrates the enormous popularity of the series.”

The sponsorship announcement comes just weeks after Renault Australia and GRM launched the limited edition Megane R.S. Trophy-R, the flagship performance vehicle for the brand, at The Bend Motorsport Park with James Moffat setting a new lap record for FWD production cars at the circuit (see video here).

The Megane R.S. Trophy-R completes the current generation Megane R.S. range available in Australia with each specification of the Megane R.S. offering a unique opportunity for racing fans to own a road car with all the DNA of a race car.

“Our partnership with Garry Rogers Motorsport provides us a direct platform to further promote the Renault Sport Megane range to a wider and highly engaged audience,” Matthew Wright, Renault Australia Aftersales and Quality Director, said.

In November Renault Australia and GRM received the award for “Best Manufacturer Engagement Initiative” from Australian Racing Group with activities set to continue alongside TCR events in 2020.

“Our Renault Sport customers and fans are some of the most passionate ambassadors for the Renault brand and the way they have embraced the TCR Australia series is testament to the place the Megane R.S. range has in the hearts of car enthusiasts across Australia,” Wright said.

“We are excited about the opportunities our relationship with Garry Rogers Motorsport gives us to provide unique experiences to our loyal Renault Sport customers around the country,” he added.

Available at dealers across the country the Megane R.S. has its roots in Renault’s immense history in motorsport and brings to the roads the technologies and know-how Renault Sport has developed on the racetrack.