27 April 2020 | Featured

Molly Taylor joins Motorsport Australia commentary team for 2020

Former Australian Rally Champion and TCR Australia driver Molly Taylor will take on a new challenge in 2020 as part of the television commentary team for the Shannons Motorsport Australia Championships.

Taylor, winner of the 2016 Australian Rally Championship, will be seen and heard in the pit lane, covering the racing classes that will feature on the Seven Network and 7plus live stream broadcasts.

The 31 year old will join a new line-up of callers for the Seven broadcasts, including Jack Perkins, who was confirmed last week.

CLICK HERE for more on Jack Perkins’ role.

Taylor and Perkins, better known for their on-track skills, will be joined in the team by experienced commentators Greg Rust, Matt Naulty and Richard Craill.

The team of commentators will bring to life racing classes such as the carsales TCR Australia Series, VHT Australian S5000 Championship, the Gulf Western Oils Touring Car Masters, the National Trans Am Series, the Kumho Tyre V8 Touring Car Series and more.

While Taylor has lots of experience on television, this will be her first full-time shot at commentary, and it’s a challenge she is looking forward to.

“I will be part of the presenting team for TCR Australia and the Motorsport Australia Championships, doing the pit lane reporting, which will be a lot of fun,” Taylor told the Parked Up podcast.

“Racing all comes down to budget, sponsorship, and it’s a moving beast, particularly in the environment we are in now.

“The commentary role isn’t a departure from a rallying career. I’m very much still working on plans for that.

“But there was no TCR racing opportunity this year, so this will be a fantastic experience. Something new and a bit in the deep end.

“It’s all about being involved in the sport, diversifying what my skills are, growing and down the line, I would like to think there’s more opportunities once my racing finishes to be involved in the sport in some ways.

“I don’t want to get to the stage where I drive, and that’s all I do. When I stop, I want to have something to do. The sport is our passion, so I always want to be involved in someway. Behind the wheel, as long as that is possibly, but still in some way I do want to be involved.”

Taylor also revealed that she was set for rally competition both here in Australia and internationally, but due to the recent global events, plans are on hold.

Taylor competed in five of last year’s carsales TCR Australia Series, as well as the Australian Rally Championship.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no set date for a return to racing, however, the Australia Racing Group, Motorsport Australia and race circuits around the country are working towards a new calendar for 2020.

Every event of the Shannnons Motorsport Australia Championship will be broadcast live and free on the Seven Network, as well as its digital offering on 7plus.