11 May 2020 | Featured

COVID-19 sees overseas TCR opportunity go begging for James Moffat

James Moffat has revealed an opportunity to drive a Renault Megane RS TCR car overseas was on the table, prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Moffat was earmarked by Vukovic Motorsport, the official builder of the Renault Megane TCR cars, to complete the Balance of Performance testing for the new Megane at the venue for the Spanish Grand Prix, however, the plans were shelved after the COVID-19 situation escalated around the world.

“At the start of the year, there were some discussions of sending myself over to Barcelona,” Moffat told the Parked Up podcast.

“I was going to drive the Renault in the BOP testing, but it never happened.”

WSC, the TCR rights holder, issued the preliminary BOP for the 2020 TCR seasons across the world, however, the changes are currently listed as provisional after the annual BOP test was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Moffat will drive one of two Meganes in the TCR Australia Series, with Dylan O’Keeffe to drive the second Megane entry for Garry Rogers Motorsport.

You can listen to more with Moffat in the latest episode of the Parked Up podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify or below.