28 July 2021 |

Behind the scenes of Luke King’s TCR Australia documentary series

Ever wondered what it would be like to compete in Supercheap Auto TCR Australia?

Well, Melbourne Performance Centre driver Luke King is documenting his maiden season in the class, with episode four covering the events of Sydney Motorsport Park being released tonight through Supercheap Auto TCR Australia’s social media channels.

Produced by Matthew Neville of Backlight Media, King’s documentaries provide a fly on the wall insight into the trials and tribulations encountered by the rookie so far this season.

The collaboration isn’t a new one as whilst Neville concluded his university studies, he documented King’s Bathurst 1000 weekend in the Toyota 86 Racing Series in 2019.

“His major project was to do our event at Bathurst and the lead up, so it started it from that,” King said.

The reception from this initial featurette was strong enough that King commissioned Neville to replicate this into a documentary series following his exploits in the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series.

“Because he had put together such a great production and our sponsors loved it, we were looking at it as a way of adding value for our supporters,” King explained.

“It provided a platform to tell the story in our own way and being able to provide that to not only our sponsors, but the fans was the big thing behind it.

“I suppose ultimately we’d like to think of ourselves as a race driver, race team and a marketing management company that creates content.”

A small snippet featured on Channel 7’s coverage across the Bathurst 6 Hour weekend as each episode covers a certain theme. At Bathurst, King recalled the two-litre Bathurst 1000s of the late-1990s ahead of Supercheap Auto TCR Australia’s debut there at Easter.

“What we’ve tried to do is on race weekend we try and focus on a different element,” explained King.

“In tonight’s episode covering the last round in Sydney, it features an insight into my fitness and a chat with my mentor Jason Bright.”

King credited Neville for the work undertaken to produce each episode.

“Matt is a one man band,” King explained.

“He’s the one getting dirty out in the field to get the shots he needs and in terms of an editing process he’ll work three or four days straight to get it into a draft format, so quite a lot of work goes in.

“It’ll be then another two or three week period of constantly working on it before he’s got a finished product he is happy with.

“It’s quite the process for Matt.”

Apart from working with King, Neville’s other credits include working with Red Bull and its young surfer athletes among others.

It’s Neville’s vision displayed in each episode as he devises the subject matter and direction.

“The good thing about Matt is he’s not only great with the filming and the editing side of things, but he’s also good producer in terms of thinking about themes that will interest people,” King continued.

“Matt’s a motor sport fan himself, so he has an idea of what likeminded people want to see.”

You can watch the latest episode of King’s documentary through Supercheap Auto TCR Australia’s Facebook and Youtube channels tonight at 7:30pm.

The next round of the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series will be held at Sandown International Raceway on September 17-19.