4 August 2021 |

‘Driving nerd’ Josh Buchan builds towards late season run

Sydney-based HMO Customer Racing driver Josh Buchan has been one of the surprise packets in this year’s Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series.

Buchan near-dominated the last weekend of Supercheap Auto TCR Australia at Sydney Motorsport Park, taking two commanding wins and a second behind GRM Valvoline driver Michael Caruso in the finale.

Although the the  round for the category has been delayed due to the impact of COVID-19 in various states since, Buchan has used this time to reflect and further analyse his driving style ahead of the final three events of the series.

“I’m a driving nerd,” Buchan admitted. “I think about it a lot and I enjoy thinking about it.

“I enjoy picking my own technique apart and figuring out how I can make it better or improve in the smallest area because if I know I’m here long enough in time, it’s the best version of me.”

Buchan started his maiden Supercheap Auto TCR Australia assault with a podium at Symmons Plains, but then experienced lean rounds at both Phillip Island and Bathurst, before breaking through at his home circuit to take his first win the class.

However, Buchan is continuing to finesse his driving style to suit the intricacies of his HMO Customer Racing Hyundai i30 N TCR and has warned rivals he has more speed to gain before the season concludes.

“I didn’t think the front-wheel-drive aspect would be an issue and after the first round I didn’t think it was, but the further in I get the more I understand how much the cars require to go fast,” he explained.

“If something requires thought and technique to drive quickly, I’m all about it. I delve into it, I try to figure out what I’m not good at and what I’m not good at, and where I’m strong and where I’m weak.

“It’s funny, the further the season goes the better I’m getting and the more I’m figuring out how much I’ve got to unlock.”

Although his wins at SMP moved him to within 11-points of second-placed Luke King in the standings, Buchan’s main aim is to continue enjoying his racing.

“I’m not really worried about the points,” Buchan said. “I’m further up than where I thought I would be if I’m totally honest so I’ve got nothing to prove to myself anymore.

“I’ve done what I did at Sydney – not that you sit on that or anything – but that weight has been lifted off the shoulders so I’m just going to go out and enjoy my driving.”

Although Buchan expects the next round at Sandown to be tough due to the extra 60kg he will carry after qualifying on the front-row at SMP.

“I think Sandown we may cop it a little bit, but hopefully we get a few kilos taken off for The Bend and our car has been proven to be good there,” said Buchan.

“Hopefully we can go rip and tear there.”

The next round of the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series will be held at Sandown International Raceway on September 17-19.