28 September 2021 |

TotalEnergies Secrets of Speed, Episode 1, Passing

Ever wondered how the leading drivers and engineers in Supercheap Auto TCR Australia get the most out of their machinery?

A new series presented by TotalEnergies titled ‘Secrets of Speed’ aims to answer these questions and much more.

The first episode has dropped today (see video above), with the drivers looking at the different passing techniques used in the internationally-recognised two litre touring car series.

Find out from the likes of Lee Holdsworth, Tony D’Alberto, James Moffat, Josh Buchan, Aaron Cameron, Jordan Cox, Nathan Morcom and Dylan O’Keeffe the techniques required to hustle the world’s fastest hot hatches around Australia’s top circuits.

Leading engineers Erik Pender, Rob Benson, David Fyfe, Ashley Seward, plus more reveal the set-up intricacies and secrets (but not all!) behind creating the ultimate TCR package.

Covered is everything from tyre temperature and starting routine to the age old question, is rubbin’ racin’?

TotalEnergies Secrets of Speed provides a comprehensive insight into what drivers and engineers are chasing when pursuing the (near) perfect TCR set-up.

This is a must watch if you’re technically minded, thinking of joining Supercheap Auto TCR Australia or interested in tapping into the minds of some of Australia’s best touring car drivers.

Keep an eye and ear out soon for TotalEnergies Secrets of Speed.