15 October 2021 |

Back to the future at SMP for Josh Buchan

There will be a familiar name to Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series followers in the NSW Formula Ford support races at the start of November.

HMO Customer Racing driver Josh Buchan will return to the venue he won two Supercheap Auto TCR Australia races in May in a Listec Formula Ford in a warm up before he returns to the i30 N TCR.

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“I’ll be returning to Listec Race Cars with Paul and Joe, who run that operation,” Buchan explained.

“They basically gave me my first leg up into cars and they’ve basically been there the whole way. I’ve always driven their cars, the customer cars since I’ve been associated with them.”

“It should be good; I’m treating it like a tune up. We’ve been out of the seat for a long time, it’s going to be good to go out there, rip some gears and do some laps.

“I’m not really fussed about the result; I just want to get the eye back in for the big bounce later in the year.”

Listec is a small manufacturer compared to the Australian Spectrum or French Mygale chassis it will be up against in what is expected to be a hotly contested Duratec Class.

“I drove the car I’ll be racing, so I can’t say I remember too much, but I do know the gear stick is on the right, it has four gears and the first turn goes left,” he laughed.

“I’ll be in the Duratec Class, I’ve done a lot in both classes with them. Paul and Joe asked if I’d like to compete in the Kent Class or fight the young kids in Duratec knowing there are some pretty slick operations in some very modern equipment we are up against compared to the car I’ll compete in, which is closer to the 20-year-old mark than the 10.

“I said ‘I’ll fight with the kids’ so Duratec it is.”

Listec played an important part in elevating Buchan into Supercheap Auto TCR Australia, an opportunity he is thankful for.

“My role always within the team has been in development for their products, we’d rarely go out in a session similar to the last time it was set-up and I think it will be the exact same at SMP even though it will be a tune up,” Buchan predicts.

“The boys will be chucking stuff at me and that’s great, it’s been good for my development because I’m working so closely with extremely smart individuals looking at race cars differently to a lot of guys I’ve come across in the past.

“It’s always great fun going racing with those guys, they love their racing and gave a young bloke a go.”