9 November 2021 |

Every episode of the TotalEnergies Secrets of Speed series is available here

For the last few months, the TotalEnergies Secrets of Speed has revealed the tricks of the trade used by the leading drivers and engineers to get the most from a TCR car.

Covering every facet from starting to racecraft to set-up and everything in between, some of the smartest minds within the sport provide detailed analysis on how to be a front-running contender in the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia.

The 12-part series gives insight to the adaptions made to compete in a front-wheel-drive race car, while also highlighting how technically advanced TCR is compared to other sets of regulations worldwide.

The amount of technical detail and information is unprecedented, making this series a much-watch for all fans of racing.

So strap in and watch the TotalEnergies Secrets of Speed before the Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series resumes at Mount Panorama on November 30 for the TCR Bathurst 400.

Episode 1 – Passing

Episode 2 – Racecraft

Episode 3 – Is rubbin’ racing?

Episode 4 – Engineers talk set-up

Episode 5 – Drivers talk set-up

Episode 6 – Drivers talk starting

Episode 7 – Engineers talk starting

Episode 8 – Ride control

Episode 9 – Engineers talk Ride Control

Episode 10 – Using kerbs

Episode 11 – Heating up tyres

Episode 12 – Engineers talk heating tyres