19 April 2023 |

Sim Racing vs Real Driving – Lachlan Mineeff joins Gear Seekers to find out

Through the interrupted seasons of racing, contesting races at home on a simulator have increased in popularity and Supercheap Auto TCR Australia driver Lachlan MIneeff completed an interesting experiment alongside YouTube channel Gear Seekers.

To find out the advancements made in simulator technology in this short period, it was put to the test against the real thing as Mineeff dusted off his Volkswagen Golf TCR to participate in the experiment.

Using a top of the range simulator powered by ASUS ROG and AMD to set a benchmark for the real Volkswagen to beat at Luddenham Raceway just out of Sydney using the Assetto Corsa program.

After this was completed, the Purple Sector crew went to Luddenham Raceway to gauge how real life compared to the sim and it provided surprising results.

Being the first time Mineeff and the Volkswagen had lapped Luddenham, the privateer was surprised by how close the comparisons were compared to the sim.

“After the track and the car on Assetto Corsa, the gearing, the braking points, the acceleration markers are all identical,” he revealed.

“It’s really, really impressive to see where the sim software has come.”

Marty from Mighty Car Mods completes a detailed technical overview of the Volkswagen Golf TCR and Mineeff completes a hot lap.

Not giving the result away, Mineeff provides a detailed explanation of why it is the case.

The Supercheap Auto TCR Australia Series continues at Phillip Island for Round 2 as part of the Shannons SpeedSeries on May 12-14.

Check out the video below.